Category: Transport

Common work will benefit cyclists and pedestrians

  The plans we reported in October last year for changes to the roads, cycle paths and footpaths around Hearsall Common are now being put into effect, with work having started in mid-January and continuing for the next few months. The downside over the first three months or so of the year is significant delays …

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Cable work disruption

Work is now under way in the area on a major £9m initiative to improve electricity supplies to the south of Coventry. It involves upgrading equipment in major substations and laying 6km of 132,000 volt cable between Hearsall Common and Whitley, which will help to safeguard supply to around 33,000 customers and allow for future …

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A45 – will the pain be worth the gain?

A45 – WILL THE PAIN BE WORTH THE GAIN?   Major road works at the junction of Kenilworth Road with the A45 Fletchamstead/Kenpas Highway started early in the new year and have now been in progress for several weeks. In the short term this has caused considerable disruption with large tailbacks during peak times, affecting worst …

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