School Reports for March

Our apologies for an error in the March issue of ECHO where we accidentally reprinted February’s School Reports instead of the March piece. The correct March article is posted below.

Earlsdon Primary School

Last month the school choir went to the Resorts World Arena to take part in the Young Voices concert with 6000 other children. The choir worked very hard all afternoon in rehearsing for the concert and performed to thousand of parents in the evening. Everyone had a fantastic time and the teachers were especially excited to perform with Tony Hadley!

Several other year groups have enjoyed visits and visitors to enrich the curriculum. The Year 1 children spent a day at the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum where they enjoyed looking around the galleries and participated in a workshop to help them learn about toys from the past. To enrich their learning about Ancient Egypt, the year 3 classes visited the Birmingham Museum and enjoyed a mummification workshop!

Year 2 have been learning about the Great Fire of London and have enjoyed making Tudor houses which included winding mechanisms. They then used their houses to create a fabulous model of London in 1666 including Pudding Lane, the River Thames and other key landmarks. Their work was enjoyed by everyone during our recent parents’ evenings.

Hearsall Community Academy

What a busy beginning to 2019! Hearsall’s brand new Forest School area is up and running and proving to be a fantastic place to play and learn. Mr Lancashire has been very busy teaching the children to saw wood and enjoying making campfires. Children love the new space to be able to take learning outdoors; enjoy building dens and experiencing all the new sensory areas including the sensory path.

This half term has seen amazing productions from Years 5 and 6 showcasing their theme learning on Greek Legacy with many budding stars! The children all spoke so confidently and Year 5 even took on the role of writing their own family assembly including scripts! Years 3 and 4 have been learning about all things Roman including having a go at archery to understand how Romans got some of their food.

Year 1 and 2 have been printing with polystyrene tiles to represent a symbol for Coventry. They also made information leaflets for famous places to visit in Coventry following a walk into town. Reception children have had so much fun reading a wonderful book, ‘Supertato’ and searching for ‘Evil Pea’!

This half term has been all about enrichment with a ‘Tour of Europe’ Enrichment day where children moved to different classes to find out all about different European countries. They used Valentine’s Day to enjoy a reading enrichment morning where teachers pulled names of classes out of a hat and took that class to read the picture books they really love. Hearsall also held its very own art exhibition following an art enrichment day where beautiful works of art were available to buy to raise money for their playground project.

In assemblies, the focus has been on their core value of creativity. The children understand that being creative is not just art but can mean how people are creative with ideas and questions, through problem solving and even in playing with friends. They celebrate their core values every week in merit assembly and children love being recognised for showing those values of kindness, resilience, bravery, honesty, patience, curiosity, independence, motivation and enthusiasm!

Skateboarders’ Petition

The War Memorial Ramp Renovation (WMRR) campaign has been set up by 5 children in years 3 and 6 at Earlsdon Primary school who are campaigning to renovate the ramps at the War Memorial Park to make the site bigger and better for everyone on wheels across the city and beyond. All 5 children are avid skateboarders and regularly skate at the ramps at the War Memorial park along with a thriving community of BMX riders, other skateboarders and those on scooters. The ramps at the park are used by people from all over the city, but are in a serious state of disrepair making the ramps dangerous in places and quite simply the site is too small for the number of users.

As keen skateboarders, the people behind WMRR campaign have travelled to numerous skate parks across the UK and say “It is depressing to see a city like Coventry fail to provide decent facilities for those interested in these sports – even villages like Long Lawford (with a population of just over 3,000) have better skate parks than Coventry. This is shocking for the European City of Sport 2019!!

We are often at the ramps in the park with our paper petition. We also have paper petitions at Ride (the only skater-owned shop in Coventry) on Holbrook Lane and SkateHut in the city centre.
Follow us on Instagram: @WMRRcampaign
Follow us on Facebook: War Memorial ramp renovation campaign”.

Link to the online petition: Here (petition closes on 22nd April 2019)

Supporters will be outside the Co-op in Earlsdon Street on Saturday 9th March gathering signatures.

Coffee Shop Plans – correction / clarification

Following up yesterday’s item on the plans for a coffee shop in the former NatWest Bank in Earlsdon Street, we stated in that post that the toilets would be on the first floor, raising access issues. Prompted by a reader’s comment, we have checked again – one version of the plans shows a single ground floor toilet for disabled people and the second version shows two. The toilets on the 1st floor are for able bodied people. Our apologies.

Massive House Planned for Canley Gardens

A planning application (ref. FUL/2018/3439) has been made to demolish 23 Innis Road and replace it with a large, 5 bedroom house of 3 storeys. The building would be 50% larger than the existing property and would be taller and very close to the properties on either side. As well as dominating the street scene the design is very unsympathetic with neighbouring properties, with a largely glass facade. Neighbours are very unhappy at the proposals and contacted ECHO with their concerns. The plans appear to breach the Canley Gardens Control Plan, which seeks to limit development to retain the unique character of the area. Public consultation on this application ends 4 February.

Another Coffee Shop?

A planning application (ref. FUL/2018/0138) has been made to turn the former NatWest bank in Earlsdon Street into a coffee shop with seating for 60-80 people on the ground floor which would be open Monday to Sunday 9am to 11pm. The plans show a kitchen and details are given for fume extraction etc. but there is no indication of who would be operating the business or how many people would be employed. The toilets would be on the first floor, which raises access issues, along with a two bedroom flat. Public consultation on the plans ends 4 February.

ECHO Prize Competitions

The deadline is looming for submitting entries for the prize competitions in our December / January issue. There is a £25 prize for the winning entry in each of the following:

• Anagrams
• Crossword
• Quiz of the Year
• Wordsearch

You have until 12 noon on Friday 4th January to submit your entries via email or on paper to the ECHO Box in Earlsdon Library.

Christmas Star Shines Once More

In a short ceremony this morning, attended by a small but hardy group in freezing conditions, the refurbished Christmas Star at Hearsall Baptist Church was switched on re-dedicated in memory of all those people who have contributed to its design, maintenance and operation over more than half a century.

The star has come to be a welcome symbol of the Christmas season, not only for the people of the Church but also to the wider community in Chapelfields, Earlsdon and beyond.

Avoid Unnecessary Illness This Year – Get Your Flu Jab!

The winter is here and it has brought its usual nasty viruses along too!

Flu is a contagious illness caused by influenza viruses. Airborne droplets produced by coughing and sneezing predominantly spreads these viruses.

The infectious period normally begins 1 day before symptoms develop and for up to 7 days after the individual has become unwell. Therefore, simply avoiding people who look ill will not give sufficient defence against this virus.

Flu vaccines are an effective way of reducing your risk of contracting influenza.

Why is it important to get vaccinated?

– To protect you and your family from flu this winter
– To minimise sick time needed from work
– To promote health and wellbeing
– To lower the risk of debilitating illness over Christmas
– To reduce the possibility of needing to access healthcare/hospital

Flu is a risk to all individuals, it is important to protect our health and well-being and reduce the risk of passing on nasty viruses to the vulnerable individuals around us

Some people may be eligible for a free flu vaccine at their local NHS facility or pharmacy. For those who don’t qualify, there are private clinics that will accommodate your needs and offer the flu vaccine for a reasonable cost.

Will it make me ill?

The injectable quadrivalent vaccine is inactivated and is therefore not infectious. Mild side effects include fever and muscle aches in the first 24 hours. These usually ease very quickly.

Do I have to have it every year?

It is recommended that you receive the vaccine every year to ensure that your immunity levels are sufficient to protect you.

I’ve never had the flu so I don’t need the vaccine.

Your body may be healthy enough the get rid of any flu viruses quickly without causing too much illness. This does not means that you are not at risk of infecting others around you, especially young children and the elderly, whose immune systems are less resilient.

Usually, flu season appears at its worst from November to February. However, last year, flu cases were still being reported in May. It is never too late to safeguard yourself, your family, friends and colleagues from avoidable viruses like flu.

Gemma Hicks
Specialist Nurse

Travel Klinix
77c Moor St

024 7601 6519

Lloyds Bank email Address Error in ECHO

We have realised that there was an error in the address for Matthew Harris in the November issue.

We printed

It should have been – i.e. there are 2 full stops in his name.

Our apologies to anyone who has had an email returned as undeliverable.