ECHO Community Newspaper provides a source of information, comment and entertainment to the Earlsdon, Chapelfields, Hearsall and Spon End districts of Coventry.

The first issue was published in April 1979, when 1,000 free copies were produced, thanks to the sponsorship of six local businesses. The second edition was largely paid for by advertising and went on sale for just five pence. Since then, ECHO has been independently financed.

ECHO is produced entirely by a team of volunteers and has no affiliation to any political, religious, commercial or other organisation. Additional material from local people and organisations is welcomed. We believe that the essence of a community newspaper is that it is open to anyone who has a contribution to make.

ECHO is sold through more than 20 outlets, including newsagents, churches and various shops. Recognising the value of the paper as a non-profit making service to the community, none of the sellers takes a commission on sales.