Alan Ayckbourn returns to the Criterion

The Criterion Theatre’s next production is Alan Ayckbourn’ ‘Communicating Doors’, which runs from Saturday 24 June until Saturday 1 July.

A dazzling comedy thriller directed by John Ruscoe, this play cleverly combines elements of farce, psycho-drama and sex-comedies. Always on the lookout for a fresh challenge, John chose this play because he was intrigued by its highly unusual plot which revolves around a murder mystery and the possibility of time travel.

A businessman staying in a London hotel hires a call girl to perform certain tasks for him. Seems like a familiar scenario but it isn’t as this is one of Ayckbourn’s most ingenious comedies and it turns out that all the man wants is the girl to sign as witness to his statement incriminating his partner in the murder of his wives. That is only the start of the surprises for when the girl opens a communicating door in the room, she finds herself in the same room – but twenty years earlier. The plot thickens as the room is now occupied by one of the allegedly murdered wives who is intent on re-writing the future.

As ever with Ayckbourn, it is the female characters that you care about and in this play, the prolific and ever-inventive playwright concocts his own unique recipe by combining comedic flair and a talent for crime thriller with just a pinch of psycho-drama thrown in for good measure. If all this sounds a heady mix, it is. But have no fear: this suspense-filled and entertaining piece is guaranteed to hold your attention and keep you guessing right until the final moments.

Tickets now available online  or you can book in person at the Box Office which is open every Wednesday from 8 to 9pm and each play night from 6.30 to 9pm.