With an extra special effort we have managed to complete the April issue of ECHO and it is now ready to be printed. It should be on sale by the end of the week.

We cannot rule out the possibility that our printing and distribution may yet be interrupted but we hope we can carry on being of service to the community in these difficult times.

Many of our normal sales outlets are closed, notably the churches, but we will still aim to provide copies to the ones which are open – notably the Co Op stores in Earlsdon Street and Allesley Old Road, Earlsdon Street Post Office and some other food outlets and general stores. If you are purchasing supplies for isolated friends and family from these places, or you are among the ones isolated and are being supplied in this way, then you could consider adding a copy of ECHO to your shopping list with no additional risk but please do not make extra trips solely for that purpose.

Should subsequent events prevent us getting the issue out, we will make the content available online and some if it will be posted online, and kept up to date, in any case.

We will make an assessment next month on whether we can produce a May issue.

ECHO and our great community will survive and thrive once more.

Please look after one another and stay safe.