Arches Venue Lease Extended

While the July issue of ECHO was being printed, our front page story was overtaken by events h the good news that the Arches Venue will continue as a business for at least the next three years.

The venue placed the following on Facebook:


To all bands, musicians and patrons

This is a 2 part announcement
Firstly, all of us would like to thank you for the overwhelming support regarding the Arches Venue. We have been blown away by this community and it just reinforces the reason why we do what we do; and that’s for you.
Your support has also been noticed by the landlord and related parties to the point they have said not only if the financial situation is cleared can we stay open, but… We can have a NEW THREE YEAR LEASE. Through the events, fundraiser set up by the legendary Joe Colombi and the people mentioned below we have achieved this!
It is all because of you that we have this opportunity to stay open, grow and improve the venue as well as help try and grow a platform for local and touring artists.
Secondly as of today we are now under a new management. Chris will remain part owner and licensee and in equal capacity with be joining Paul and Andy.
Paul has 50 years experience in hotel and bar management as well as many years as a chef.
Andy is a very well experienced tech and music producer who has toured the world with bands such as Bolt Thrower and playing festivals himself like Wacken in Germany.
Together with Rory (Events manager), Jae (Marketing), Mark (Tech) and our wonderful bar staff we will be all pulling together to try and make the venue as great as it is possible to be. We do ask for your continued support as we look to do this.
Once again from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you and see you all at a show soon!
The Arches team