National Express Coventry has announced changes to its timetables from 1 January 2003.

Whilst they have tried to play down the significance of these changes, the reality is that the historic no.1 Chapelfields route, already butchered almost beyond recognition by previous cancellations and restorations, is being dropped again.

The explanation given on the NX website is “This service is withdrawn at the end of the Transport for West Midlands contract. An alternative service is expected to be provided by TfWM.”

What such an alternative may look like is open to speculation, but it should not be forgotten that currently the no.1 is helping fill gaps in the no. 2 service to Earlsdon which is listed as not changing, so in other words not only is the Chapelfields route facing an existential threat, but the service to Earlsdon would also probably be degraded unless the ‘expected alternative’ is an exact like-for-like replacement by another provider.

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