Concern over flats plan


Earlsdon Ward Councillor Allan Andrews has urged the city council to reject plans for a new development of 19 apartments in Warwick Street, which has caused significant concern in the community.

Following a meeting with local residents to discuss the proposals, Cllr. Allan Andrews has expressed his concern that the development will have an adverse impact on existing properties. The plans include 3 storey buildings with juliette balconies, which residents believe will create a privacy issue.

South Eastern elevation, from Warwick Street.
South Eastern elevation, from Warwick Street.

There is also concern from local people that existing apartments have not been sold or are still available to rent, bringing into question whether there is adequate demand for more flats in the area. Previous developments have been purchased by social housing organisations in recent years.

Commenting on the plans, Cllr. Andrews said: “It is clear to me that a number of residents object strongly to these proposals and I can understand why. Having met with residents who will be affected by this development, there is a clear view that the plans will negatively impact on them and these plans do not appear to be in keeping with this community.

“There are plans for 19 two bed apartments and parking provision is not adequate. Parking in Earlsdon is already a major source of frustration and this would add to an existing problem. There are major concerns about privacy with this 3 storey proposal being a very short distance away from people’s bathroom windows, with the potential for a balcony to be overlooking people’s homes. This represents a major privacy concern as well as impacting on people’s natural light.

“As a result of my meeting with residents, I have arranged for residents to meet with council planning officers to discuss this application and I have urged the council to reject this application in its current form. However, residents and I are not opposed to a suitable development in this location so we are willing to discuss what is acceptable to the community and I’m hopeful that the talks will be productive.”

The meeting with Planners is scheduled to take place on Monday 10 February. The closing date for the public consultation is Tuesday 11 February.