Make running fun

ECHO’s resident fitness freak has been back out in the area again looking for more people and places offering new health and fitness alternatives for you. This time, they’ve been learning about some changes to the Earlsdon Running Club.

I discovered the Earlsdon Running Club about three years ago when I was looking to add more structure to my running schedule. I love the freedom of running but I was finding it hard to motivate myself to get out there when I had no-one to run with. The Earlsdon Running Club was the perfect solution.

Run by Frances Ihenacho, local Personal Trainer, the Earlsdon Running Club is a very relaxed, informal group for runners of all abilities. When I joined, Frances asked me about my level of fitness, my personal goals and then she ran with me for the first run to measure my pace so that she could match me with other runners within the group. I found the group really helpful and soon started knocking huge chunks of times off my previous personal bests. Three years on and I’ve completed a few half marathons, one full marathon and I’m feeling stronger than ever. Running with a club was the best decision I made and, for me, the Earlsdon Running Club provided the perfect opportunity to run in a group without feeling the pressure that can sometimes be associated with official, affiliated running club.

From Tuesday 4 March the Earlsdon Running Club is taking on a new structure so, if you are interested in the idea of running with a club but you’ve not done it before and you’re not sure what to expect, why not try one of the next 6 week blocks to see if it’s for you.

New coach, David Conway, is keen to provide professional, varied and structured training sessions including interval training and longer runs. David will ensure that the sessions are also inclusive and fun, regardless of your ability. The 6-week blocks will cost £18 to be paid for before the 6 weeks commences. If you would like more information about the new timetable contact Frances on 07775 853 015.