NENA Residents Open Meeting

Tuesday 16 April 2019, 7.30pm Royal Oak Public House (Garden Room).

All NENA Residents welcome.

Our local Councillors, Cllr Taylor, Andrews and Sandhu will be at the meeting to answer any questions that people have about the local area. Questions have already been raised from the NENA community about the Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points and parking spaces, MotoFest Council arrangements,

Friargate/Station developments, local Crime (Cars, drugs). Please do come along and join the discussion.

Also on the Agenda will be the:

• Councillors’ Question time.
• STREET SALE, to be held on Sunday 9 June. Please do help with the organising (a planning meeting to be held Tuesday 23 April) get in touch at by responding to this email.
• Tea Party and band in Spencer Park on Sunday 14 July 2 to 5pm. Volunteers, raffle prizes and cake entries needed.
• Other NENA 10 year celebrations.

Karen, Zilpha, Chris, Esther, Paola – NENA Committee