Planning Application Concern

We have been asked by a reader to draw attention to an outline planning application, details of which are at the link below:

Strictly speaking this is outside our area, being in Abbot’s Lane which is really Coundon / City Centre, but since it will impact Spon End, which is in our area, we are happy to oblige. ECHO has not had time, or until now any specific reason, to investigate this but the reader’s comments, edited down slightly to cover the key details, are as follows:

“It’s supposed to be a Medieval, Listed, Heritage Conservation Area…. A street dating back to 12th Century.

It’s much bigger than you think/realise – intertwined with pouring traffic and pollution into Upper Hill Street and just to add to the fun opening the street onto the Ring Road while closing Barras Lane.. That’s a separate plan and another story – then throw 2 cycle Lanes and bikes and kids going to school into the mix and you can really have a laugh!

We can all party watching chaos and accidents while standing in the diesel traffic fumes.

Anyone can still send in comments to the development plan so alert anyone you know who cares about children or local residents to join us please. A petition is also on the way…

Look Up re the site & Plans for 731 FLATS (1 & 2 Bed Flats – No houses or gardens for families..) Guess how many more cars will be in and out re residents and visitors plus the offices and stuff (731 Flats is conservatively estimated to produce an extra 766+ vehicles) using the one access opposite a Primary School Planning Ref: OM/2020/0935 – Objections close 11th June but comments asap still being accepted”.

Application details