Plots and Plans

The following new plans have been submitted in recent weeks:

 Former Texaco Garage Site, Allesley Old Road – amendment (remodelling of internal staircore and apartments) to planning application reference 39201/H, granted on 16 May 2005 for demolition of petrol station and erection of three storey apartment blocks and associated works (ref. AD/2014/0050).

37 Warwick Street – demolition of existing buildings, and development of 19 x 2 bed apartments with associated parking  (ref.  FUL/2014/0012). A number of nearby residents have objected to this plan – see elsewhere in this issue.

11-12 Westminster Road – change of use of both properties and single storey extension to the rear to create 1 single house in multiple occupation with 20 bedrooms (ref. FUL/2013/2641). A  similar previous application last year was rejected on the grounds of over intensification of the use of the site.


The following plans have been approved in recent weeks:

 Earlsdon Park, Butts Road –  change of use of part of ground floor from A3/A4 (Restaurant/cafe/drinking establishment) to B1 (Office) and minor external alterations (ref. FUL/2013/2512).

Davenport Lodge School, 21 Davenport Road – Works to Conservation Area Trees: Horse Chestnut – 2m crown reduction (ref.  CT/2013/2453).

38 Providence Street – application by Lean Body Vision for change of use from an office (Use Class B1a) to a health, therapy and training facility (ref. FUL/2013/2201).  The new facility will employ 6 new full time staff and has an existing 14 car parking spaces.

 19 St. Andrew’s House, St. Andrew’s Road – extension and alterations to existing building to accommodate a secondary dining room in close proximity to the main kitchen at the front of the house in order to help improve the facilities for the residents and an improved front entrance area with better drive access (ref. FUL/2013/2401).


The following plan has been rejected:

 90 Craven Street (former Pails Bakery) – erection of a 13 bedroom house in multiple occupation (ref. FUL/2013/1779). Many objections were made by nearby residents and Chapelfields Area Residents and Traders Association (CARTA), citing existing overcrowding, parking problems and other issues. City planners agreed that the proposed development was out of keeping with the existing street scene, was an overdevelopment of the site, lacked off road parking and meant loss of privacy for neighbouring properties. See elsewhere in this issue.


The following plans have been withdrawn:

 Former Texaco Garage Site, Allesley Old Road – submission of amended details involving the remodelling of the left hand end stairs and adjacent apartments 1, 6 and 11 to allow for phased development to application 39201/H granted on 16 May 2005 for the demolition of the petrol station and erection of three storey apartment blocks, new vehicular access and associated parking and landscaping (ref. AD/2013/2498).

90 Craven Street (former Pails Bakery) – Conservation Area Consent for demolition of existing building (ref. CON/2013/2164).  Many objections were submitted by neighbours and CARTA opposing the loss of a historic building.

 All these plans (and others) can be inspected at the planning offices on the ground floor of the Tower Block, Much Park Street from 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Thursday and from 8.30am to 4.30pm Friday. Full details of all the applications and local residents’ responses can also be viewed via the city council’s website

 ECHO’s policy is to include in this section plans which are likely to have broader impact than on immediate neighbours. We do not therefore normally include house extensions, loft conversions etc. which should be notified to adjacent properties by the city council.