Protect you home and vehicle(s) from theft

The Earlsdon Neighbourhood Police Force would like to remind ECHO readers about the importance of protecting homes and vehicles from theft. PCSO Richard Brown explains why.

 I can confirm that, in January this year there were nine reported home burglaries and 13 counts of vehicle damage or theft. For the majority of the burglaries, entry was gained by forcing/smashing a rear window or door and stealing small electrical devices (laptops, phones etc.) Three of the 13 reports regarding vehicles were thefts of number plates. The others were all regarding theft from cars with three having had windows or doors forced and seven having been broken into with no damage caused. The root cause of the break-ins appeared to be leaving sat navs, cash and handbags on display.

Please help us by reporting any suspicious behaviour or crimes as they happen. We have had reports from residents that there is someone trying to break into cars in the early hours so please remember not to leave items in your vehicles overnight. If you spot anything, please pass the information on.

You can also help to protect yourself and your property by following these simple guidelines:

  • Always lock all doors and all accessible windows
  • Use a timer switch to turn lights and radios on when you are out or away to give the impression that your house is occupied
  • Close curtains and blinds after dark so that your valuables can’t be seen from outside
  • Install a visible burglar alarm and make sure you turn it on. If it has ‘zones’, turn on the alarm for downstairs while you are upstairs, asleep
  • Register your valuables for free on the national property registration site so that if your property is lost or stolen and recovered by police, you’re more likely to get it back
  • Do not leave tools (or anything that might assist a burglar) out in your garden
  • Lock your car and check who if there is anyone around when you walk away
  • If you have a garage then use it for your car

As always, the Earlsdon Neighbourhood Police Force is available to carry out surveys of premises so we can assist in making your home or vehicle a harder target to burgle.

We also hold monthly police surgery meetings at the War Memorial Park, Earlsdon Methodist Church and Earlsdon Library.  All dates and times are on local boards and the website (below). These are in place so that you can come and speak to us in person about any concerns you may have.

Contact the team:

For an emergency – 999

For non-emergency – 101

Earlsdon Police website

Earlsdon Police Twitter

West Midlands Police website

West Midlands Police Facebook page

Crimestoppers – 0800 555 111