Rochester Road Development

Residents of Rochester Road have contacted ECHO about an outline planning application (ref: OUT/2021/3710) for 4 new homes on a small patch of land on the bottom of their road. Their concern is that the new owners have cleared the land, other than the trees with a temporary preservation order, and they feel it is an important wildlife corridor between the allotments and Canley Ford, and that it has already been damaged and would be destroyed if houses were built there.

They also note that it is a very small area for four houses and right next to the brook.
There are badgers, hedgehogs, bats and foxes in the area. The residents believe it is not an appropriate site for housing development, and that is presumably the reason it was left as green space when the Woodfield Road estate was built.

The deadline for objections is quite soon – Friday 4 February.

For details of the application, see the weblink:

http://planningCoventry City Council: Planning Application Details