Rogue Trader Operating in Earlsdon

We have received a report of an elderly resident being persuaded by “a forceful man who would not take no for an answer”, to have her paved yard cleaned. He wanted £400 for what turned out to be one and a half hours’ work, using her hot water and leaving a mess on her walls.

He gave her a false card with phone numbers on which do not exist. He drove a white vehicle, is about 35-40 years old and was thought to have a ‘hint of’ an Irish accent, but told his victim he was Scottish. He is about 5′ 8″, slim build and has light brown hair.

He also approached neighbours of the first victim and told one his hedge was overhanging and needed cutting and offered to clean the patio of another for £300. After the offer was declined the drive was later found to have been sprayed with squiggles of white paint.

If you see this man operating in the area please report his presence to the police on 101. Please warn your friends and neighbours to be on their guard, keep an eye out and if safe to do so copy his registration number.