Stitched Together

The Pod, Time Union, & Food Union invite you to partake in a collaborative stitching project – Stitched Together.

The aim of the project is to create a large textile banner as used by Trade Unions and the Women’s Suffragette movement. The banner will be created using the themes of activism, collectivism, equality, justice, human rights all common themes that underpin/overarch the Pod, Food Union and Time Union.

Three Creative Gatherings will take place across the city – everyone is invited to join and stitch, share ideas, inspire curiosity, discuss possibilities, and be part of creating a professional banner – whilst stitching together individuals & communities.

Monday 29 February, 3pm-5pm @ Leigh Street Community Garden, Hillfields.
Wednesday 2 March, 11am-1pm @ Shop Front Theatre, City Arcade.
Friday 4 March, 10am-12pm @ Food Court, West Orchards.

The Stitched Together Banner will be launched on Monday 21 March as part of the Scratch the Surface Mental Health Arts Festival. It will subsequently be hung at the Pod but also used by the makers at events, processions, campaigns. The Textile Artist that has been commissioned for this Stitched Together Project is Julia O’Connell from Chapelfields.

Contributors have the opportunity to join Time Union, Coventry’s citywide time bank, and receive their time back in the form of time credits.

Follow these links to find out more about:

The Pod
Time Union
Food Union
Scratch the Surface Mental Health Arts Festival
Julia O’ Connell

The Pod would like to give a special thanks to Julia O’ Connell, the Shop Front Theatre and West Orchards.