The Snow Queen – A Snow Ball Bouncing Theatre of Fun

Are you looking for a fun way to start the festive season for all of the family? Then look no further. The Snow Queen is a glittering, adventure filled spectacular.

The Snow Queen goes to the frost fair to buy a family. She isn’t successful so sends her trolls to trick a boy (Kai) into looking into a shard of an enchanted mirror, which turns his heart to ice. The Snow Queen bribes Kai to stay with her at her palace with the promise of no cleaning, unlimited cake and being able to stay up as late as he wants. Gurda (Kai’s sister) travels through the four seasons to the palace to save her brother, meeting water nymphs, the summer and autumn queens, a yeti and Jack Frost along the way.

The performance starts with a brilliant light show, which is even better if you sit in the first few rows at the front. There is lots of audience participation to keep the kids entertained. At one point the actors actually leave the stage and run out into the audience bouncing snowballs off the children.

The most memorable characters of the show were the forgetful Yeti played by Lyon Devereux and the sock stealing trolls played by children from the Street Mix dance academy.

The show runs from 13th to 28 December 2019 at The Albany theatre, Earlsdon. Go to the website for more details:

Albany Theatre