Travellers on Spencer Park:

Photo by Ian Upton
Photo by Ian Upton

Cllr Allan Andrews has sent a message to residents re the travellers camped on Spencer Park:

”You may have seen the Saturday edition of the Coventry Telegraph which featured an article about me calling for an injunction to prevent this type of illegal encampment. The way we manage it so far is purely reactionary – although I do thank Council Officers for dealing with these issues pretty quickly when they arise.

We do, however, need a solution and I’ll be having further discussions this week with Officers, together with Ken Taylor, as we seek to address this matter.
A notice to leave has been issued and the Council is in court tomorrow to seek an eviction. Unfortunately, these matters always take some time and the mess the Park is currently in is not ideal and will take time to put right once they have vacated the site.

This has been a very frustrating process and I just wanted to let you know that we are trying to deal with it. Any issues relating to the travellers or general issues of anti-social behaviour needs to be reported to the Police on 101 as this helps them to build a picture of the problems caused, if any”.