UPDATE ON ISSUES AT THE CITY ARMS (see page 2 of the August issue of ECHO)

A multi-agency visit to the premises took place a few weeks ago with Police Licensing, Council Licensing and Health and Safety Officers, who met with the Regional Manager and Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) to discuss issues that had arisen, particularly relating to the use of the outdoor areas. The Health and Safety Officers discussed their COVID-19 risk assessment, to ensure that the appropriate measures / controls are in place, and some recommendations were made.

A follow up multi-agency visit is taking place at the premises this week to ensure these recommendations have been implemented, and failure to do so may result in the appropriate Health and Safety enforcement action being taken.
With regard to the management of the outdoor seating area at the front of the premises, the venue has confirmed that they are installing a perimeter fence so that they can control this area more efficiently, including access; egress; reduced capacity limits and effective social distancing measures. This area will be monitored by door-staff at peak times who will also monitor the behaviour of individuals consuming alcohol in this area (which includes encouraging patrons to keep noise to a minimum). The fence and additional controls should be in place for next weekend (8-9 August).

The police are aware of the increased use of nitrous oxide in this area and will be monitoring the situation.
The Police Licensing team have put the City Arms on their patrol strategy for Night Time Economy visits, and the venue was visited both nights last weekend by a Police Licensing Officer. The council’s Parking Enforcement Team are now aware of the increased traffic in the area during peak times to deal with any issues regarding illegally parked cars and those causing an obstruction.

When the pubs first re-opened there were issues with the New Albany and a similar multi-agency approach was taken there. It is felt that some of the clientele have now been displaced from the New Albany to the City Arms, which may explain why there are now problems at the latter.

The concerns of ward councillors will be passed to the City Arms’ DPS / Manager at this week’s follow up visit.
If residents are experiencing issues with noise, they are encouraged to log a call with the council’s out of hours noise team on 024 7683 2222, and any anti-social behaviour is logged with the police on 101. This evidence is necessary should further action be needed, such as a Licence Review, if the problems persist and/or the situation worsens.