Updated Planning Application – 34 Belvedere Road

The planning application for the premises at 34 Belvedere Road (ref: FUL/2021/0974), which was previously ruled invalid, has been resubmitted and validated. The proposal remains to convert from use as a care home to 4 self-contained flats. There is a very short period for public consultation, which ends 30 August.

Because we search the planning portal by submission date, and the application is still listed by its original date, 30 March, we had not picked this up for the September issue of ECHO but in any case by the time that issue is on sale later this week it will be too late for people to respond.

Fortunately Cllr Gittins picked up on it and warned us, too late for the printed issue but in time for us to post it online.

For more details see: http://planning.coventry.gov.uk/portal/servlets/ApplicationSearchServlet?PKID=815691