Chapelfields Walking Tour

Historian and true crime writer Adam Wood has been invited by the team at Warwick’s Institute of Engagement to take part in their 2024 Resonate Festival of Arts and Culture.
The programme is a series of events and exhibitions across Coventry and Warwickshire, and promotes local community, history and culture.

As part of this, on 22 May he will be leading a virtual walking tour of Chapelfields, with a technical team following him around as he describes the history and stories of the area, then finish at St Mary Magdalen Community Hall for a live panel discussion in front of an audience.

It’s a free event – around 35 people within the hall itself, plus unlimited viewers watching from home. The walking tour part will be shown on the screen in the Community Centre.

Adam hopes this will be of interest to all, and those 35 seats in the hall will be nabbed quickly for what promises to be an interesting discussion!

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