Criterion mindgames

The Criterion Theatre in Earlsdon is gearing up for its latest production, Mindgame, which opens on Saturday 1 February and runs until Saturday 8 February. The story revolves around true crime writer Mark Styler, who believes he has snared the coup of his career when he gets an interview with a notorious psychopathic serial killer. But when he arrives at Fairfields Prison for the criminally insane, he finds things cannot be trusted, and nothing is as it first seems. Mindgame is a rollercoaster of a play by master of mystery and suspense Anthony Horowitz, creator of Foyle’s WarMurder in Mind and the Alex Rider series of novels for teenagers.

Director Anne-marie Greene observes that the play taps into the current popular obsession with serial killers. “Over the last two years, there have been no fewer than seven new dramas on television about serial killers, with the popularity of the genre demonstrated by the recent furore over the decision to axe Ripper Street. The play puts our interest in deranged killers in the spotlight, asking what makes sadistic serial murderers different from the rest of us, and examining why we are at once repelled and fascinated by them. It is also very timely, as the infamous Broadmoor Hospital – on which Fairfields Prison in the play is almost certainly modelled – celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2013.”

The play is creatively staged, involving some of the most experienced actors at the Criterion, and is guaranteed to keep you guessing at every twist and turn. If you liked Sleuth or The Usual Suspects, you’ll probably love Mindgame.


Tickets are available now at Criterion Theatre.