Flats plan for Pails site refused

A planning application to demolish the former Pails Bakery in Craven Street and replace it with student flats has been rejected by Coventry City Council.

Several reasons were cited for this decision which, stripped of the legal details, can be briefly paraphrased as follows:

  1. The existing building makes a positive contribution to the historic character of the Chapelfields Conservation Area and its replacement with a three-storey structure would be out of keeping with the existing character and appearance of the street and of the Conservation Area.
  2. The proposed development did not include any off-road parking provision in an area where various uses compete for the limited on-street parking.
  3. The new building would have been close to windows in adjacent properties, causing the occupants increased overshadowing and visual intrusion.
  4. The plans would cause the whole site to be developed and did not allow for the provision of private amenity space, which would have created substandard living accommodation for future occupiers and is uncharacteristic of an area which is dominated by houses with rear gardens.

Cllr. Bally Singh, who has supported campaigners against the plans, told ECHO “It’s heartening to see the council refuse the application for the demolition of the Pails bakery building and for its proposed replacement with student flats. This decision makes it clear that the Pails building is a positive asset to the local community, and I would like to thank all the people who campaigned to save it.”