Cathedral in 3D

On Saturday 1 February the Stereoscopic Society presents Coventry Cathedral and Precinct – The Third Dimension at St. Barbara’s Church Hall, from 2.30pm to 5pm. Members of the public are welcome to attend this meeting as guests of the Society.

Inspired by Coventry’s third cathedral’s golden jubilee in 2012, Bob Pryce and two other members of the Society decided to mark that event through the medium of stereoscopic (3D) photographic audio visual shows but they subsequently decided that a more substantial and appealing programme would embrace the whole Cathedral Precinct and its history, starting from the Saxon Abbey. Shows on Holy Trinity Church, St. Mary’s Guildhall and the Priory ruins have been produced with the active help of clergy and staff at these institutions.

The first part of the programme on 1 February is by Society member Dr Paul Nicholson, an Egyptologist from Cardiff University. He will present stereo photographic images concerning the historical development of Egyptian archaeology.

The second part of the programme (starting at around 3.45pm) will be focused on the Cathedral and Precincts:

  • Two shows on the new Cathedral and its Jubilee and relating it to the adjoining ruined 2nd Cathedral
  • Coventry Cathedrals Precinct
  • Coventry Cathedrals Precinct – Holy Trinity Church
  • Coventry Cathedrals Precinct – St. Mary’s Guildhall

In the last of these you will be able to see a rare, stereoscopic (3D) image of the interior of the first St. Michael’s Cathedral, taken from an old stereo card belonging to David McGrory.

The Stereoscopic Society, founded 1893, is a national society of members interested in all aspects of stereoscopic photography and image recordings in 3 dimensions. The Society meets monthly in London and Coventry from October to April. Coventry meetings are held at St. Barbara’s Church Hall on the first Saturday of each month. Details of the Society and its 2013-14 programme can be found on its website.

For additional information, please contact Bob Pryce: email:, or phone 7641 8239.
NB: entrance fees are waived for all guests and first time visitors.