Green Space Consultation

The Council is seeking your views about parks, play areas and green spaces in Coventry. Your views will help them to better understand the quality and accessibility of green space across the borough to inform the development of a new Green Space Strategy and wider planning policy. The Strategy will help the Council to follow government guidance on planning for green spaces and will look at whether the current level of parks and green space is sufficient to meet the needs of local residents now and in the future.

The Council wants to ensure that green spaces achieve their full potential to contribute to the local environment and quality of life. Therefore this is an opportunity for you to let them know how satisfied you are with Coventry’s parks and green spaces and what improvements you would like to see to your local green space.

Even if you do not use green spaces they are still keen to hear your views about the contribution green spaces make to your local quality of life and also about why you do not use green spaces.

Please follow this link to the survey

If you need any help with the survey please contact the consultants assisting Coventry City council with the project on 01562 887884 or contact

The deadline for responses is Monday 28 August 2017.