Rooftop Upgrade

As the April ECHO went to press we became aware of a proposed upgrade to the existing telecommunications installation on the roof of the Albany Club in Earlsdon Street. This is currently at the ‘pre-app’ stage i.e. it is not yet the subject of a formal planning application but some information has been shared with local councillors and what are referred to as ‘stakeholders’.

Telefonica UK and Vodafone UK, are planning to share a joint UK-wide network infrastructure whilst continuing to provide services to customers independently. A search is underway for a site in Coventry to install a radio base station which will improve mobile phone capacity and coverage (2G, 3G and 4G).

A 14 day period has been set aside for comments, running from 21 March to 4 April, before a full planning application will be submitted to Coventry City Council.

We said in the issue that because of the technical nature of the plans it would take some time to understand and assess them and so given the timescales ECHO was not able to come to a view before publication of this issue – also the sheer volume of material supplied by the applicants, both text and diagrammatic, is impossible to reproduce in print. However we did say we would share what we could on our website as soon as possible – see linked documents below.

Preapp letter to Councillor Allan Andrews 21.03.2019 v.1

CTIL Health and Mobile Phone Base Stations Document v 7

CTIL General Background Information (England) v.6

115286 Plans Rev B